Rock Scratch Pack Vol. I (Compiled by Adam Dutch)

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Rock Scratch Pack Vol. I (Compiled by Adam Dutch)

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It can be very difficult to scratch rock songs while DJing considering there are often busy parts and little resources for isolation. That’s why I made this scratch pack. Various isolated guitar/bass/drum/keys/vocal tracks from many hit rock songs of the past 40 years in this 10-minute scratch pack!

Note: considering the dynamic levels of many songs and how rock mixing is much different than other genres, all songs are not mixed at the same level. This allows for flexibility in various circumstances when mixing.


Sample listing:

My Own Enemy (Guitar) – Lit
In the Air Tonight (Drums) – Phil Collins
Everlong (Guitar) – Foo Fighters
Break Stuff (Acapella) – Limp Bizkit
Man in the Box (Guitar) – Alice in Chains
Mr. Roboto (Acapella) – Styx
Walk This Way (Drums) – Aerosmith
Walk This Way (Guitar) – Aerosmith
Jump (Acapella) – Van Halen
Killing in the Name of (Acapella) – Rage Against the Machine
Crazy Train (Guitar) – Ozzy Osbourne
Pretty Handsome Awkward (Vocal Effects) – The Used
Move Along (Drums) – All-American Rejects
Sex is on Fire (Acapella) – Kings of Leon
Crazy Bitch (Guitars) – Buckcherry
Crazy Bitch (Acapella) – Buckcherry
The Beautiful People (Drums) – Marilyn Manson
Cherry Pie (Acapella) – Warrant
Rock You Like a Hurricane (Guitar) – Scorpions
You Give Love a Bad Name (Acapella) – Bon Jovi
So Cold (Acapella) – Breaking Benjamin
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (Drums) – Good Charlotte
I Hate Everything About You (Acapella) – Three Days Grace
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Guitar) – Nirvana
Bohemian Rhapsody (Acapella) – Queen
The Rock Show (Acapella) – Blink 182
Re-Arranged (Bass) – Limp Bizkit



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